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Who We Are

Currently celebrating our 10 year anniversary, Honor 41 celebrates, documents and promotes the Latinx LGBTQI+ Community. We are a national online, 501 c3 non-profit organization.

The word “Honor” means pride in English and Spanish.

The number “41” has a derogatory connotation in Mexican culture. Since 1901 calling someone “41” or associating anyone with that number labeled them maricon/joto which in English translates to calling someone faggot/gay.                                                     

Honor 41 proudly reclaims the negative power associated with the number “41”; we educate others about El Baile de Los 41, an important moment in LGBTQI+ history; we celebrate our contributions to our communities and we train and provide resources that amplify our community storytelling projects. 

The 41 List  is a celebration of Latinx LGBTQI+ role models, who share their personal stories in personalized video interviews in English and in Spanish (Espanõl). 

New Page: Boletín is Honor 41’s multimedia platform that amplifies and publishes our Latinx LGBTQI+ stories. We focus on celebrating our resilience and collective power.  

Scholarships:  Scholarships are awarded to students of any age who are committed to celebrating our voices in media, art and history. Open application is available Oct-Dec. Email us for more information.

Journalism Trainings are provided 2x per year for community advocates who want to produce informative content for Boletin and other media outlets. Journalism trainings are provided by journalism leaders dedicated to empowering the LBTQI+ community. 

Email for application and training dates.


Honor 41’s mission is to storytelling project that celebrates, promotes and documents our voices as a Latinx LGBTQ individuals and as a community.