Miriam Gilson
Alfredo Pedroza
Tristan Garcia
Robert Gamboa
Pablo Sanchez
Ana Gomez
Francisco Ruiz
Xelestial Moreno-Luz
Carolina Ramos
Karla Camacho
Lily Rivera
Li Ann (Estrella) Sanchez
Ridge Gonzalez and Elena Popp
Michelle Trinidad
Miguel A. Ayala
Mario J. Novoa
Damian Cabrera
Rosie Trejo
Brenda Del Rio Gonzalez
Silvia “Biby” Gonzalez
Candice Cobarrubias
Al Ballesteros
Thom A. Hernandez
George Raya
Olga Talamante
Monica Palacios
Rita C Gonzales
Alejandro Escoto
Ivana Fred
Alan Siero

Who We Are

Honor 41 is a national Latinx LGBTQ online, 501 c3 non-profit organization that celebrates, documents and promotes the Latinx LGBTQ Community.

The word “Honor” means pride in English and Spanish.

The number 41 has a derogatory connotation in Mexican culture. For over 120 years calling someone “41” or associating anyone or anything with that number labeled them maricon/joto which in English translates to calling someone faggot/gay.

By adopting 41 in our name, we reclaim the negative, oppressive power associated to the number; we educate others about this important moment in LGBTQ history; we honor their legacy; and celebrate our own lives and contributions to our communities.

The 41 List  is the annual online celebration of 41 Latinx LGBTQ role models, they share their stories in personalized video interviews in English and in Spanish (Espanõl) . To date 204 honorees have been celebrated and their stories can be found here.


Honor41 envisions a world where Latinx LGBTQ individuals can be celebrated and accepted by their families, friends and community.


Honor 41’s mission is to storytelling project that celebrates, promotes and documents our voices as a Latinx LGBTQ individuals and as a community.