The 41 List: 41 role models in the Latina/o LGBTQ community

In 1901, 41 men were arrested, beaten and eventually disappeared for being gay/bi. Their names were put on a list that condemned them and their families to a life of ridicule, shame and pain.

Today, The 41 List highlights 41 role models in the Latina/o LGBTQ community who demonstrate that we can be successful and live our lives “out” and open. Those featured also represent a small sample of the diverse professional backgrounds, generations, genders, geographic regions, and Latino backgrounds that make up our community.

We hope that by sharing these 41 amazing stories, we can inspire our community and future Latina/o LGBTQ generations to keep dreaming and work hard to reach their goals.

2019-2020 – The 41 List – Honorees

In Alphabetical Order

Thom A. Hernandez, Palm Springs

Giuliani J. Alvarenga, New Orleans

Eddy F. Alvarez Jr., Portland

Jamie Arranger, San Diego

Damian Cabrera, San Juan, PR

Nancy Cañas, DC

Felicia Carbajal, Los Angeles

Cora Cervantes, Los Angeles

Michae De La Cuadra, Los Angeles

Brian De Los Santos, Palm Desert

Jose Luis Dieppa, Orlando

Ashley Figueroa, Orlando

Robert Gamboa, Los Angeles

Jesse Garcia, DC

Ana Gomez, DC

Brandon Gomez, NYC

Jerry Gonzalez, Atlanta

Jonatan Guerrero, Charleston

Yozantli J Lagunas, Sacramento

Andres Martinez, Anaheim

Eddie Martinez, Los Angeles

Maritza Martinez, Oakland

Jorge Matamoros, Madrid, Spain

Julio Matamoros, Madrid, Spain

Morgan Mayfaire, Miami

Lisbeth Melendez Rivera, DC

Ryan Mendoza, Los Angeles

Xelestial Moreno, San Diego

Nicole Murray Ramirez, San Diego

Ricardo Negron-Almodovar, Orlando

Karari Olvera Orozco, Chicago

Alexis Ortega, Palm Springs

Andre Perez, Berkeley

Ezak Perez, Los Angeles

Francisco Ruiz, Atlanta

Valerie Palacios, Louisville

Li ann A (Estrella) Sanchez, Atlanta

Antonio Santos-Chicago

Robert Salcido, San Antonio,

Monica Trasandes, Los Angeles

Jamie Zapata, San Antonio

Eddie Martinez

Maritza Martinez

Jorge Matamoros

Julio Matamoros

Morgan Mayfaire

Lisbeth Melendez Rivera

Ryan Mendoza

Xelestial Moreno-Luz

Nicole Murray Ramirez

Ricardo J. Negron-Almodovar