The 41 List: 41 role models in the Latina/o LGBTQ community

In 1901, 41 men were arrested, beaten and eventually disappeared for being gay/bi. Their names were put on a list that condemned them and their families to a life of ridicule, shame and pain.

Today, The 41 List highlights 41 role models in the Latina/o LGBTQ community who demonstrate that we can be successful and live our lives “out” and open. Those featured also represent a small sample of the diverse professional backgrounds, generations, genders, geographic regions, and Latino backgrounds that make up our community.

We hope that by sharing these 41 amazing stories, we can inspire our community and future Latina/o LGBTQ generations to keep dreaming and work hard to reach their goals.

2014 – The 41 List – Honorees

Alphabetical Order

Felipe Agredano

Daniel Armando

Erika Carlsen

Ruby Corado

Lazaro Lola Veronica Concepcion

Rafael Cosio

Rafael De Arce

Brenda Del Rio Gonzalez

Alejandro Escoto

Daniel Garza

Billy Gil and Erik Jimenez

Ralfka Gonzalez

Silvia “Biby” Gonzalez

Gibran Guido

Dan Guerrero

Luis Gutierrez-Mock

Ari Gutierrez

Jose Gutierrez

Helen Jaramillo

Yojanse Jimenez

Camilo Julian

Zoey and Ofelia

Angel J. Martinez

Joel Martinez and Xavier Mejia

Mekahlo Medina

Maria Mejia

Elizabeth Mendia

Jonathan B. Menendez

Marlon Morales

Monica Palacios

Alfredo Pedroza

David Perez

Anacelly Quintana-McKinney

Edgar Quiñones Cervantes

George Raya

Ignacio Rivera

Victoria Ruiz

Johanna Saavedra

Diego Sepulveda

Herb Sosa

Rosie Trejo






Daniel Garza


Alejandro Escoto


Rafael Cosio


Brenda Del Rio Gonzalez


Rafael De Arce


Lazaro Lola Veronica Concepcion

San Gabriel Valley

Performer, Photographer


Ruby Corado

Washington, DC

Founder, Ruby House


Erika Carlsen

Salt Lake City, Boston

Harvard Divinity School, Master\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’s Student, Activist


Daniel Armando


Film Maker, Producer, Actor


Felipe Agredano